Potato Virus Y


  • GRIN: resistance data on 540 acc. (some overlap): relevant webpage and 26x PVY1 .
  • GLKS (IPK): data on 339 acc. and VIR: data on 171 acc. not yet on-line, but downloadable in a combined data set of the European potato genebanks.
  • CPC collection: 80 accessions (select Potato Virus Y ).
  • the European Cultivar Potato Database: 2400 clones/cultivars with resistance data on PVY (strain not specified) and 210 on PVYN .
  • Yo at the British Potato Varieties Database, select Resistance to ...
  • varieties in the Netherlands Yn at NIVAP
  • French catalogue , criteria, select: RĂ©sistance au Virus Y
  • Neiker: >100 observations in downloadable data set (varieties).
  • 63 clones at NordGen
  • CIP advanced clones with PVY resistance data.