Fusarium dry rot and wilt

Fusarium sp. and F. oxysporum

  • GRIN: resistance data for 205 acc. (some overlap) on Fusarium dry rot and 54 acc. on Fusarium wilt
  • the British Potato Varieties Database, select Resistance to ...
  • VIR: data for 11 and 2 acc. for dry rot resp. wilt, not yet on-line, but downloadable in a combined data set of the European potato genebanks.
  • the European Cultivar Potato Database: 700 (dry rot, F. species unknown), 200 (dry rot, F. coeruleum), 36 (dry rot, F. sulphureum) and 11 (wilt, F. oxysporum) clones/cultivars with resistance data.
  • 80 clones at NordGen