Lactuca tatarica (L.) C.A. Mey.

The Plant List Lactuca tatarica (L.) C.A. Mey.
GRIN Taxonomy Lactuca tatarica (L.) C.A. Mey.
Cichorieae Portal Lactuca tatarica (L.) C.A. Mey.
Tropicos Lactuca tatarica (L.) C.A. Mey.
Euro+Med Plantbase Lactuca tatarica (L.) C.A. Mey.

Native distribution
Europe Belarus; Bulgaria; Romania; Russian Federation; Turkey; Ukraine
Asia Afghanistan; Armenia; Azerbaijan; China; Georgia; Iran; Kazakhstan; Kyrgyzstan; Mongolia; Russian Federation; Tajikistan; Turkey; Turkmenistan; Uzbekistan

Key features
Lettuce gene pool Tertiary relative
Chromosome number 2n = 18
Habitat Steppe; salty meadows; sandy soils
Life history Perennial
Breeding system Allogamous
Flower colour Blue; purple
EURISCO (Dec. 2017) 26 accessions

Morphological description
Plant Height up to 150 cm, almost glabrous, thick vertical rhizome with numerous underground stolons
Rosette leaves Petiolate, pinnatisect
Stem Erect, branched in the upper part
Stem leaves Similar shape as rosette leaves but sessile with semi-amplexicaul base, rarely undivided, all glaucous, rigid, denticulate on the margin
Inflorescence Spike-like or corymbose panicle
Heads Numerous, composed of 16-23 florets. Involucre of 3-4 rows of bracts. Outer bracts 12-15 mm long, lanceolate with obtuse apex, usually purplish tinged. Ligules blue, rarely white
Achenes Slightly compressed, 4.5-6.5 mm long x 1 mm broad, yellowish, olive to blackish, 5-7 ribs. Beak very short, 1.0-1.5 mm, as long as 1/3 of body. Pappus white, about 8-9 mm long
Reference Cichorieae Portal - based on Feráková V. (1977) The Genus Lactuca in Europe. Bratislava