Lactuca alpestris (Gand.) Rech. f.

The Plant List Lactuca alpestris (Gand.) Rech. f.
GRIN Taxonomy Lactuca alpestris (Gand.) Rech. f.
Cichorieae Portal Lactuca alpestris (Gand.) Rech. f.
Euro+Med Plantbase Lactuca alpestris (Gand.) Rech. f.

Native distribution
Europe Greece (Crete)

Key features
Lettuce gene pool Tertiary relative
Life history Perennial
Flower colour Yellow
EURISCO (Dec. 2017) 0 accessions

Morphological description
Plant Height 5-45 cm, with taproot, more or less glabrous
Rosette leaves Narrowly obovate, 5-8 cm long, runcinate. Lateral lobes elliptic or narrowly ovate
Stem Few to several, procumbent to ascending, weakly branched
Stem leaves Narrowly obovate. The lower leaves runcinate, the upper ones entire, shortly decurrent. Lateral lobes narrowly ovate or elliptic
Heads Involucre at flowering cylindrical, 8-9 mm long, glabrous. Corolla ligulate, yellow. Ligule 12-15 mm long
Achenes 7-8 mm long including a filiform beak of 1.5-2.0 mm long. Pappus scabridulous, white, c. 3 mm long
Reference Cichorieae Portal - based on Lack H.W. & Kilian N. (1991) Lactuca L. In: Strid A. & Tan K. (eds) Mountain Flora of Greece 2. Edinburgh