Synchytrium endobioticum

  • varieties in Germany JKI , search for "Kartoffelsorten" (info on resistance against R1, 2, 6, 8, 10, 18)
  • CGN: 582 observations (pathotypes R1, R2, R6, R8) on 395 acc. as download and combined for online search . Original observations as PDF: 1994-1980 (R2, R6, and R8, some R1), 1979-1976 (R1 only). Results are preliminary: the PDF's show that mostly only a relatively few tubers have been tested. Furthermore the small tuber size may produce less reliable results (Langerfeld & Hoekstra 1992 ). Publication on the history of potato wart in Germany incl. a table with differentials (Stachewicz & Langerfeld 1998 ).
  • GRIN: 195 acc on R1: relevant webpage
  • GLKS (IPK): R2 data on 1151 acc. and VIR: R1 (probably) data on 98 acc. not yet on-line, but downloadable in a combined data set of the European potato genebanks.
  • CPC collection: 39 accessions with R1 (probably) resistance data (select Wart ).
  • the European Cultivar Potato Database over 2200 clones/cultivars with field resistance data, as well as susceptibility to individual wart races.
  • varieties in the Netherlands NIVAP (R1 only)
  • French catalogue , criteria, select: R√©sistance √† la galle verruqueuse
  • 54 clones at NordGen