Lactuca aculeata Boiss. & Kotschy

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Native distribution
Asia Iran; Iraq; Israel; Jordan; Lebanon; Syria; Turkey

Key features
Lettuce gene pool Primary relative
Chromosome number 2n = 18
Habitat Ruderal places; rocks; uncultivated fields
Life history Annual
Breeding system Autogamous
Flower colour Yellow
EURISCO (Dec. 2017) 18 accessions

Morphological description
Plant Height c. 100 cm
Stem Whitish, glabrous or hispid
Stem leaves 3-9 cm long, 1.5-3.5 cm wide, entire, pinnatisect or runcinate, sinuate-dentate, attenuate or auriculate, hispid, glaucous on both surfaces
Inflorescence Paniculiform, with many heads. Peduncle hispid or glandular below heads, covered with bracts
Heads 5-25 flowers. Involucre 6-10 mm long. Receptacle naked. Corolla ligulate, yellow
Achenes 7.5 mm long, pilose, brown, ribbed, with a filiform beak of 4.5 mm long. Pappus of simple bristles, white, at least 3.5 mm long
Reference Cichorieae Portal - based on Jeffrey C. (1975) Lactuca L. In: Davis P.H. et al. (eds) Flora of Turkey 5. Edinburgh